Self-Help Videos and Documentaries

A friend of mine just set up a new website with an astonishing amount of good quality self-help videos. While not a new area of discursive debate its has really been taking off recently with the proliferation of video media due to the spread of faster internet pipes to homes and increasingly phones via wifi.

Not limited to any one particular area of personal development I think people will be on this website so a while after landing on it. So without further ado go here:

Ask the Missus Chatterbox Brogue Black Leather

Chatterbox black

Really digging these black brogues at the moment with the brown soles that give it a subtle definition. They’re available from Office stores at £69 but with the mid-season sales the all black ones are at £40 so keep an eye out as these ones could also hit the clearance shelves any moment!

Cos you know what a bird is always gonna have a look at your shoes, but don’t do it to impress her, they just know what a guy who has his shit together looks like so be that guy and keep a close eye on what shoes you pick. Its all about detail which perpetuates all parts of your life – bro!

Austin Reed Mackintosh

I need to blog about this coat, been looking about for a proper mackintosh and the two best, affordable candidates I found were this Austin Reed and a Brit Burberry. I went for this one for the price and well I prefer the material. The fit is great and I can wear it without a jacket underneath. Picked it up for £79! Bargain!

Get it here while its still in stock:

All Saints Mens Snare Boot (Bitter Choc)

Just got these Mens Snare Boots (Bitter Choc) from All Saints. I’m a slag for bargains but also know it when I spot something too good to pass up on. Had my eye on these babies a for a few weeks so I paid full price (£158). I needed a pair of boots in my shoe collection and i’d been looking at desert boots for a bit and then saw these! Anyway, tried these on and snapped them up straight away. The badass thing about theses is that theres a zip on the back of the boot so you don’t have to struggle to get them on or off — after a long day last thing you need to to wrestle a pair of boots of. With these you unzip and slip off baby!

Anyways im off to see a hottie tonight ;) ciao ciao homie,