Hit the Streets with Me

Hi guys,

I’ve decided to open up the offer of join me on this amazing ride, book through my booking form below. This is no ordinary hangout you will not be a one size fits all treatment. This is no bootcamp and I do not make you any promises. This will consist of you coming along with me where we can talk about anything to do with game & life. There will be a teacher/student relationship as I am keen on seeing guy jump in in the deep end. If I think you should approach I will push you.

We will generally focus on:

1. Mindsets/beliefs, a girl can read you countenance like an open book all too often peoples’ body language reflects their broken mind. You need to develop the mind follows body mindset to get you approaching and out of your head and I don’t mean doing starfish jumps in the middle of Oxford Street.

2. Fashion and styling, I have developed a strong belief in getting this part of you sorted out. I will not impose an style but this is an area that must be developed and I will provide you various ways to do that. We’ll go in to a few shops and take if from there maybe try on a few things and establish some options. Then look at great options from the mens styling industry for further help.

3. Technicalities of approaching and what I feel works best for me from all the offerings in the PU and self development market out there.

It may be that non of the above apply to you or all will, whatever the case I’ll get to know you and over time really workout the most effective relationship.

This is not a one-to-one I am offering you to hang out with me that means if I see a girl I really like I will do my thing or I could get a call from a regular, trusted wing of mine who wants to hang out for a while. It will be most likely that we will be alone however.

There is a no cancellation option its all too easy to pull out of this but if you’ve already paid up front, which is what you do here then you’re more likely to turn up and get things sorted. I’m offering this trial at £30 per hour – This really is a bargain lads and I’m not sure if I’ll be doing it for long so get in while you can. Book a maximum of upto 4 hours on any one day. booking goes live today!



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Ask the Missus Chatterbox Brogue Black Leather

Chatterbox black

Really digging these black brogues at the moment with the brown soles that give it a subtle definition. They’re available from Office stores at £69 but with the mid-season sales the all black ones are at £40 so keep an eye out as these ones could also hit the clearance shelves any moment!

Cos you know what a bird is always gonna have a look at your shoes, but don’t do it to impress her, they just know what a guy who has his shit together looks like so be that guy and keep a close eye on what shoes you pick. Its all about detail which perpetuates all parts of your life – bro!

Austin Reed Mackintosh

I need to blog about this coat, been looking about for a proper mackintosh and the two best, affordable candidates I found were this Austin Reed and a Brit Burberry. I went for this one for the price and well I prefer the material. The fit is great and I can wear it without a jacket underneath. Picked it up for £79! Bargain!

Get it here while its still in stock:

All Saints Mens Snare Boot (Bitter Choc)

Just got these Mens Snare Boots (Bitter Choc) from All Saints. I’m a slag for bargains but also know it when I spot something too good to pass up on. Had my eye on these babies a for a few weeks so I paid full price (£158). I needed a pair of boots in my shoe collection and i’d been looking at desert boots for a bit and then saw these! Anyway, tried these on and snapped them up straight away. The badass thing about theses is that theres a zip on the back of the boot so you don’t have to struggle to get them on or off — after a long day last thing you need to to wrestle a pair of boots of. With these you unzip and slip off baby!

Anyways im off to see a hottie tonight ;) ciao ciao homie,

All Saints Taupe Hilt suede brogue shoes

New addition. All Saints Taupe Hilt suede brogue shoes £59 down from £148.

My most recent addition to my shoe collection, walked into All Saints, in early February during final reductions and saw theses little puppies, put em on and bam I was sold. Love it when you try something on and you don’t have to think twice!

Shoes makes the man, pick up some quality classic designs and you cannot go wrong, this is a slight twist on the classic brogues, a decent big English shoe design!